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September 11, 2014
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September 11, 2014

A Dramatic fashion style often reflects your direct, headstrong and authority-like persona. But you may have an alluring Dramatic style because it conveys your confidence in your skin, showing your sexual openness. You're confident and like to show some authority in the way you dress.

There are 2 general Dramatic styles of this fashion persona, which are: (1) Confident & Sophisticated and (2) Glamorous & Alluring. Both personalities are different in some aspects but they share a look that appears bold and demanding. You may favor making a strong fashion statement by either accentuating your sensuality (Glamorous & Alluring); or your strikingly sophisticated persona (Confident & Sophisticated).

You like adding "drama" to your look. And you tend to select bold clothes – either highly structured or body-hugging/skin revealing. You like statement accessories and often high contrast colors. Find out more in StyleBox's dramatic style clothing online NOW !!

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