Meet The Expect Educational Series

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October 5, 2018
4 Steps To Building Rapport With Your Colleagues.
July 16, 2020
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Meet The Expect Educational Series


Menswear is not just about shirt and trousers! Those days, people will say that getting a man dressed is easy, however, it might be a whole different story now! Undoubtedly, menswear is having a moment that many men confused on which is which and which for which! Men nowadays are putting more thought into how they dress and how they invest in clothing. Menswear is heading in a direction that evolves into the expression of charismatic. In this series, we are delighted to invite Mr. Karl Yee from Wardrobe by Privato to share their expertise in menswear. And in this episode, we will talk about different types of suits and jackets, especially for businessmen/entrepreneurs.

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