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September 11, 2014
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September 11, 2014

A Classic style is the basis of chic fashion. It has characteristics that appeal to a majority of "neat and tidy" women - especially those who appreciate tailored clothes and accessories. Minimalism, Preppy (ie. Loafers) and Elegant (think Chanel-style suit) style are variations of this fashion persona. You dress conservatively than other fashionistas and your wardrobe consists of a lot of neutrals such as black, gray, navy blue and beige. Clean, straight lines dominate your closet. You also favor garments with soft draping as well as tops, jackets and dresses with a nipped waist.

You prefer to keep your outfit simple, timeless and business-like. A tendency to match your clothes (ie. a handbag in a color that is similar your shoes) is in your nature. You're not into loud, faddish trends. Find out more in StyleBox's classic dresses online NOW and more stylish clothes for women.

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