Four Horsemen of The New Social Etiquette

4 Steps To Building Rapport With Your Colleagues.
July 16, 2020
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Four Horsemen of The New Social Etiquette

Almost half of the year has passed by in a blink of an eye. The fight with novel coronavirus is still happening all over the world. Now we get to observe new regulations and stricter standard operating procedures everywhere. It is the same application when it comes to social etiquette. Until we have finally developed a vaccine for Covid-19, the old normal is nowhere near applicable. Here we compile 4 new social etiquette for us to practice for decade.

Social Distancing
We have heard this word repeatedly for months. Now that everyone is back to their respective office and going out as the movement control order relaxes, being in close contact with a huge group of people is unavoidable. However, do keep in mind of the social distancing and to remind people around you in the politest way to mind the distance too. It might feel strange at first to not be able to shake hands, give air kiss or bump fist with your friends like it used to be, but this is the new normal where safety comes before etiquette.

Mask Wearing
With us covering half of our faces, it takes away a good chunk of body sign and that is where the phrase “the eyes are the windows to the soul” comes into action. Etiquette guru, Emily Post mentioned in her blog that “smiling, and using your eyes and hands to gesture will be the way to connect while wearing masks.” This is exceptionally crucial to those who works in the front office who are the first to welcome guests. It is still possible to show sincerity even behind masks.

It used to be considered as rude when we sanitize our hands after touching certain objects. The first impression you give to people might be that you suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder and can sometimes come off as high and mighty. But that is the story left in the previous year as now almost everyone spots their own sanitizer be it liquid or gel. There is also sanitizer provided to every major venue such as restaurants and stores. So, do not be shy to whip out your sanitizer the next time you are out.

Being Calm and Considerate
During this pandemic, we observe that people are getting impatient and sometimes sensitive. It is important for us to mind our manners especially now. Sometimes we would unconsciously send out The Glare to those who does not observe the mask wearing and distancing policy. The best thing we can do is to politely remind them again. It is true that we can never control another person’s course of action, but we can always control ours. Quoting from Emily Post: “There will be times when it doesn’t go perfectly and even though that cause stress and anxiety, which often lead to rudeness, arming ourselves with kindness and avoiding judgement of others is good etiquette”.

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