1Do I need to make an account to purchase?
Yes you need to make an account to make a purchase. Having an account with us enables you to enjoy many benefits, and eases your next purchases.
2How do I select items to purchase?
Choose the “package” then select the “Style” and “Add to Cart” button to add the item to your “Cart”.
3How do I proceed through the checkout process?
1. Click the “Cart” icon at the top of the page.
2. Select “Checkout” or “View Cart” and make sure that the items in the cart are correct. Insert “Coupon Code” and apply it if have then click “Proceed to checkout” to make payment.
3. Enter your payment details and shipping address, then choose payment method.
4. Click “Confirm order”, you’ll be redirected to the payment page.
4How do I know what is in my shopping cart?
By clicking the “Cart icon” at the top of the page, the items in your Cart will be displayed.
5How do I remove an item in my shopping cart?
1. By hovering over the Cart icon at the top of the page, there is a Remove button beside each item.
2. Alternatively, click View Cart, and there is a remove button beside each individual item in your cart.
6How do I modify the quantity of an item in my shopping cart?
Click “View Cart”, the quantity of the Item will be stated there and can be adjusted.
7How would I know that Style Box has received my order?
You will receive a confirmation email that your order has been received.
8How do I cancel an order?
Once the order is processed, you can no longer cancel your order.
9How do I apply promotional code to my order?
Go to view cart page, click “Use Coupon Code”, key in your code then click “Apply Coupon” button.


1Can my order be delivered internationally?
Currently not available.
2How long does it normally takes to ship out items once payment is made?
Stylebox processes your order within 24 hours and will ship within the next 24 hours.
3What are your delivery charges?
The delivery charges are stated in the Shipping Policy on our website.
4Can I ship to multiple addresses with one order?
Our check-out system does not currently let one person send multiple items to different addresses within one order. To ship to multiple locations, please place separate orders with the desired shipping addresses.
5I haven’t received my parcel, who can I contact?
Once the product is dispatched from us, the third party postal service providers is responsible for your package. We will provide you with the tracking number and postal service used once it is dispatched, and you can contact the respective postal service for any enquiries regarding your parcel.


1Can I refund my purchase?
• Refund of payment can only be made if and when all 3 selections/options are rejected due to justifiable reasons, but an administrative fee of RM50 will be deducted.
• Please provide us with correct banking details to be refunded to your bank account.
• We will not take responsible for any issue related to incorrect banking detail provided by customer.
2Who do I contact regarding to my refund payment?
You can contact us using the Contact Us page on our website, or email us at


1What methods of payment do you accept?
We currently accept credit cards and bank transfer.
2Is it safe to give you my credit card number/personal information over the internet?
It is safe to shop online, Style Box’s merchandise (such as defects that includes holes from a loose stitch, missing parts, faulty stitching and discolouration)
• Wrong merchandise (incorrect order ID and/or product code) shipped